Analyza Brand

Finances Manager (CFO)

What you'll win with ANALYZA

Pilot and steer with financial indicators

Your financial indicators centralized and automatically calculated:

- Accounting consolidation
- Aggregation and accounts ventilation for your analytical accounting
- Evolution, trends and forecasts for cash and results
- KPIs computing: WCR, solvency, GDP, M2, ROA, ROI
- Customers and suppliers balances following

Let's activate your Financial Dashboard together !

Analyza: Financial dashboard

Ensure your mid-term cash by reducing WCR

- WCR represents the necessary resources to finance the operation cycle of the company
- Net Cash Position (NCP) = Working Capital (WC = Permanent capital - assets) - Working Capital Requirement (WCR)
- Not much used by SMEs, the liability is however a track to explorer in order to improve your working capital and your cash directly

Analyza: Finance, Treasury and Working Capital Requirement (NCP = WC - WCR)

Consolidate the accounting of you group

- Analyze a balance sheet or an income statement, unique for all your subsidiaries
- Bring to shareholders a clearer idea and objective of the structure and value of your group

Analyza: Finance and consolidated accounts

Follow regularly customer and suppliers balances

- Receive weekly email with a sorted reporting of open outstandings
- Detail an open outstanding to quickly know the expiry
- Operate lever payment terms for customers and suppliers to improve your WCR and your cash

Analyza: Customers and suppliers outstandings