Analyza Brand

Sales & Marketing Manager

What you'll win with ANALYZA

Boost your sales, improve your marketing

Get a clear view on your prospections, qualifications and sales, following:

- Your pipe of opportunities by maturity level
- The forecast of precited and derivated sales from CRM
- Your set and adjusted sales objectives
- Sales made in relation to the objectives and forecasts
- Your sales by region, by vendor, by product

Let's activate your Sales and Marketing Dashboard together !

Analyza: Sales and prospections dashboard (CRM)

A lever to generate revenue and maximize efficiency

Calculte your pipe of opportunities by maturity level provides:
- A structured sales process for your sales force
- A vision and a clear framework encompassing your CRM
- A quality monitoring of the opportunities in your CRM

Analyza: Track sales opportunities and pipe (CRM)

A clear and precise vision of your future income

Automatically derive from the CRM the sales forecast provides:
- An estimate of your future income spread over time
- A coaching tool for your sales force
- An anticipation on your production planning and resource management

Analyza: Forecast and sales estimation (CRM)

Follow your sales performance compared to targets

- Uniformed and consolidated activity reports for the entire company
- Take corrective actions when the forecasts don't meet the budget
- See if your sales force has enough opportunities to allow it to achieve its objectives

Analyza: Sales targets

Identify your weaknesses

- Master the consolidated result, find your strengths and weaknesses
- From a global view, navigate to detailed analyzes
- Follow the sales performance by sector, by function, by resource, by region, by product, by sales channel

Analyza: Detailed sales analysis