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Strategic management services and data analysis (Business Intelligence) for SME.
The ideal partner to pilot the key indicators (KPI) of your company.

Online demo without subscription of the tool Analyza, ideal support for your strategic management.

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What you'll win with ANALYZA

Boost your sales, improve your marketing

Get a clear view on your prospections, qualifications and sales, following:

- Your pipe of opportunities by maturity level
- The forecast of precited and derivated sales from CRM
- Your set and adjusted sales objectives
- Sales made in relation to the objectives and forecasts
- Your sales by region, by vendor, by product

Let's activate your Sales and Marketing Dashboard together !

Analyza: Sales and prospections dashboard (CRM)

A lever to generate revenue and maximize efficiency

Calculte your pipe of opportunities by maturity level provides:
- A structured sales process for your sales force
- A vision and a clear framework encompassing your CRM
- A quality monitoring of the opportunities in your CRM

Analyza: Track sales opportunities and pipe (CRM)

A clear and precise vision of your future income

Automatically derive from the CRM the sales forecast provides:
- An estimate of your future income spread over time
- A coaching tool for your sales force
- An anticipation on your production planning and resource management

Analyza: Forecast and sales estimation (CRM)

Follow your sales performance compared to targets

- Uniformed and consolidated activity reports for the entire company
- Take corrective actions when the forecasts don't meet the budget
- See if your sales force has enough opportunities to allow it to achieve its objectives

Analyza: Sales targets

Identify your weaknesses

- Master the consolidated result, find your strengths and weaknesses
- From a global view, navigate to detailed analyzes
- Follow the sales performance by sector, by function, by resource, by region, by product, by sales channel

Analyza: Detailed sales analysis

Pilot and steer with financial indicators

Your financial indicators centralized and automatically calculated:

- Accounting consolidation
- Aggregation and accounts ventilation for your analytical accounting
- Evolution, trends and forecasts for cash and results
- KPIs computing: WCR, solvency, GDP, M2, ROA, ROI
- Customers and suppliers balances following

Let's activate your Financial Dashboard together !

Analyza: Financial dashboard

Ensure your mid-term cash by reducing WCR

- WCR represents the necessary resources to finance the operation cycle of the company
- Net Cash Position (NCP) = Working Capital (WC = Permanent capital - assets) - Working Capital Requirement (WCR)
- Not much used by SMEs, the liability is however a track to explorer in order to improve your working capital and your cash directly

Analyza: Finance, Treasury and Working Capital Requirement (NCP = WC - WCR)

Consolidate the accounting of you group

- Analyze a balance sheet or an income statement, unique for all your subsidiaries
- Bring to shareholders a clearer idea and objective of the structure and value of your group

Analyza: Finance and consolidated accounts

Follow regularly customer and suppliers balances

- Receive weekly email with a sorted reporting of open outstandings
- Detail an open outstanding to quickly know the expiry
- Operate lever payment terms for customers and suppliers to improve your WCR and your cash

Analyza: Customers and suppliers outstandings

Other functions

The Analyza cross-platform allows to support other functions as well:

- Production
- Distribution
- Human ressources
- Supply chain

Provide together some dashboards to your customers

You are an accounting expert

You can offer your clients:
- A real-time view of their accounts
- Modern tools of analysis of their commercial management
- A proactive monitoring of the evolution of their cash
- Outstandings of customers and suppliers regularly by email

All automatically fed from your accounting software and accessible everywhere.

Let's establish a partnership to jointly provide this offer to your customers!

Let's establish a partnership to jointly provide this offer to your customers!

You are a consulting company, coach in Business Development

- Trust us with the technical part of your customers indicators monitoring
- Focus on your business, strategic plan, defining indicators, analysis, action planning
- Suggest and use Analyza, flexible and effective solution that you'll quickly master

We could also call upon your services to advise our customers!

Let's establish a partnership to provide additional services to all our customers!

Let's establish a partnership to provide additional services to all our customers!

A simple and Win-Win partnership

- We take care only of the IT technical services
- You support counseling and monitoring services
- You resell at the price you want the licenses purchased at preferential prices
- Each partner gets a "reward" on the business brought to the other one

Let's establish a simple and Win-Win partnership

ANALYZA allowed us initially to have a global view of the thousands of files that make up our daily activity, and thus to identify the faulty records to correct them directly to the source. Analyza gives us now quarterly indicators that we follow in CA. Valérie Dudart, Fondation Chimay Wartoise.

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«Business intelligence (BI) is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. BI technologies are capable of handling large amounts of unstructured data to help identify, develop and otherwise create new strategic business opportunities. »

ANALYZA is a modern tool, designed by experts in BI, which (by centralization and data retrieval) provides a real gain of time and energy into your decision making, precise and stable support for monitoring your activity, track your strategy in relation to your goals.

Overview of Analyza tool on multiple devices

PIT Business Services helped centralize over 100 KPIs in 12 to dashboards each month of more than 1,800 users
Patrick Simonard, Strategic Performance Management, GlaxoSmithKline.

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Analyza Brand


ANALYZA is a platform...

  • FAST

    Due to its modern technological components, Analyza displays the indicators requested in a few seconds only


    ... No code !
    You don't need to learn programmation, let yourself be carried by the intuitiveness of Analyza


    For more effective viewing, you will find in Analyza lot of quality graphs


    Because it's an homemade tool, Analyza can be fit promptly to your most sharp needs


    It's a tool that's quickly deployed and doesn't need a lot of maintenance !


    It processes hundreds of thousands rows of data without impacting performance through an integrated generic OLAP cube


    Analýza is installed on a secure platform and reachable via HTTPS and SSL


    User queries are automatically translated into SQL query that is available to the user


    Because we believe that BI should be within reach of every budget, our total solution cost you less than our competitors!


Suitable for all devices !
PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone.
Fit perfectly to your browser,
quite simply.

Analyza Brand

Cloud or standalone ?

Your choice !

Analyza Standalone

The platform and datas, at your home.
  • Virtual or physical machine
  • Installation and configuration
  • Launch assistance
  • Backups management
  • Online documentation and FAQ
  • Unlimited support and help
  • Update on demand

Analyza Cloud

Enjoy our servers, reliability and bandwidth.
  • Our server are fast, stable and secure
  • Installation and configuration
  • Launch assistance
  • Backups management
  • Online documentation and FAQ
  • Unlimited support and help
  • Automatic update
List of some type of sources available in Analyza

Above all, stay connected !

You can easily integrate your flat files (Excel®, CSV, XML, JSON) or via accounting softwares (Sage®, Winbooks®), but also load remote file accessible via HTTP, FTP ou SSH.

Load your data from Cloud applications like RunMyProcess®, Podio®, Zoho®, Google Analytics® and many databases by ODBC : MySQL, Postgre, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase.

Analyza also gives you the ability to combine multiple data sources due to a powerful integrated ETL.

A question about a specific data source ?


Learn more about its functionalities

  • Unlimited dashboards and indicators
  • Indicators of type Column Charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Area Charts, Pie Charts, Horizontal Charts, number table
  • Intuitive management of filters
  • Drill Down navigation for data mining
  • Hierarchies and dimensions management
  • Ranking in Top or Down and sorting
  • Export suited for many medias: Excel, PDF, print
  • Alerts: be notified by e-mail about data loads, or when a threshold is crossed
  • Multi-users: a simple interface for creating new users and managing their permissions on the various objects of the tool
  • Repository: effective management of objects and folders
Dashboard preview of Analyza on Iphone

Who are we ?


    Our customers appreciate our human values, respect for our commitments, and our goal of establishing a "win-win" partnership with them.


    Our geographic area Wallonia / Luxembourg allows us to be present regularly for our customers and ensure a perfect tracking.


    Our studies and certifications from the best schools and our continuous training, allow us to deliver a high quality work, using the latest technologies.

PIT Business is a company created by four friends. Each of them have a master diploma in computer science, economics, marketing or civil engineer, working for several years for large companies in Luxembourg and Belgium. They launched a challenge for themselves : to provide a quality computer software for small and medium enterprises, especially in the field of data analysis, aid to decision making, Business Intelligence.

In addition to our university degrees, we are certified by Oracle as SQL developers, and the American School The Data Warehousing Institute as Business Intelligence Professionals.

PIT Business also provides expert services in Business Intelligence, like analysis of architecture and guidance in the choice of solutions, or coaching on solutions such as SAP Business Objects, SAP Dashboard, SAP Web Intelligence, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint.

PIT Business publishes some software solutions such as « Analyza » or « e-notes ».

PIT Business company is now led by Mathieu Pignon.

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